Kids & Teens

I provide psychotherapy for infants, children, and adolescents, along with accompanying parent counseling.


The Main Language of our Children is Play

Many things that adults express through words are expressed through play in children. I gently and age-appropriately accompany children from the age of 3 in person-centered play therapy.
This non-directive play therapy is a way to find new paths in difficult life situations.
Your child will find a safe, loving, and neutral space here, where change can occur at their own pace. Regular parent meetings are also included to align the therapeutic process with the child's life and family system.

Play therapy is beneficial in various situations, including:

Challenging Family Dynamics

Queer Gender and Identity Issues

Family Transitions and Change

Adoption or Foster Care

Behavioral Challenges

Developmental Delays

Learning Difficulties

Living with Disabilities

Living with Illness

Experiencing Grief and Loss

Parental Separation

Conflicts among Siblings

Hyperactivity and Attention Disorders


Being a teenager can be challenging, and sometimes it can feel overwhelming. It's important to be heard and taken seriously during these times. That's where I come in. Your concerns matter to me, and our therapy sessions are entirely focused on you. Together and at your own pace, we can explore strategies for conflict resolution and discover new ways to approach old problems. Involving your social environment (parents, school, family, etc.) can be helpful in creating positive changes for you. In adolescent psychotherapy, I provide a safe space for crisis intervention and a calm perspective on the specific areas of your life that are currently difficult for you.


These may include:


Gender, Identity and Self-Exploration



Body Issues

Relationships and Social Challenges

Love and Heartbreak

Bullying, Cyberbullying

Social Media

School and Career Challenges

Learning Issues

Anxiety, Depression

Emotional Well-Being, Mental Health

Special or Challenging Family Dynamics

Coping with Transitions

Adoption or Foster Care

Transitioning to Adulthood

Conflicts among Siblings

Aggressive Behavior

Parental Separation

Grief and Loss

Living with Disabilities

Living with Illness

Psychosomatic Issues

Autoimmune Diagnoses

Developmental Delays

Social Behavioral Issues

Hyperactivity and Attention Disorders

Parent Counseling

When one family member is not well, the others also need help. This applies to physical illness as well as emotional suffering.
It's like a set of dominoes: One relies on the stability of all others to remain standing. Parenthood brings challenges that can be more complex and multi-faceted than anything else we have experienced in our lives.

In parent counseling, I offer support for difficult topics related to being a mother* or father*, dealing with a family member's illness, coping with loss, patchwork family challenges and other difficulties. This can either take place through accompanying parent sessions in addition to the psychotherapeutic support for your child or as a means of support and relief for you, without your child present.